TripCon - the system


TripCon_4.1_product_information_EN.pdf (3MB)
  • manual and automatic capture of the most important nautical parameters of a cruise
  • manual entries, fully automatic entries, integration of audio and video
  • easy but comfortable interpretation possibilities as paper report as well as by using modern geographical information systems like Google Earth™
  • permanent survey of all electronically captured parameters on the screen
  • all-embracing administration of vessels, persons and logbook parameters
  • embedding weather information in the logbook
  • structured data storage in a standardized database system
  • sharing of the NMEA-data with navigation programs (or other applications) via attached COM-Port splitting function

TripCon – editions and software modules

The basic edition  / TripCon –Basic

  • basic version of the program for the active use as logbook
  • creation and interpretation of cruises by using manually captured parameters incl. pictures from files
  • pictures from web- and network cams, audio and weather information as well as NMEA-data from the board system can’t be captured
  • all reports except of slide show and web report are available

In case of uncommercial use you may work with this version of TripCon inclusive all subsequently named optional products on two parallely run PC systems. For commercial use TripCon-Enterprise is available on enquiry.

Commercial use means using TripCon on professionally run vessels or other means of transportation. This applies especially for the generation of reports of any kind with the aim to sell them to passengers/clients or to provide them as a free service in the context of a journey with costs.

Otional Moduls

TripCon – GPS

Software option for the following functions:

  • capturing, processing and saving of the NMEA-parameters for position, speed and heading over ground
  • calculation of the reclined distance out of position differences
  • autolog function, time and event based, auto track (for Google presentation)

TripCon – NMEA

Software option for the following functions:

  • capturing, processing and saving of the NMEA-parameters for wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air pressure, sea depth, water temperature, speed through the water
  • Calculation of the reclined distance on the basis of the log data (speed through the water)

TripCon – MultiMedia (MM)

Software option for the following functions

  • adding of pictures from web- and network cams to logbook entries
  • adding of audio and video tracks to logbook entries
  • auto log entries with image capturing
  • cruise interpretation as slide show

TripCon – weather (WE)

Software option for saving weather information which has been captured as text or image files with the help of devices of sub suppliers (such as Mörer: “WIB”, Bonito: “MetoCom”…) or as screenshot. The reports are stored in the TripCon data base and are correlated leg specifically to the leg view resp. to the reports.

TripCon – OffLineLog (OL)

Software option for the subsequent completion of cruise information via log data out of NMEA-data-loggers. Use Offline-Log for instant logbook entries or discover importing functions designed for data from easyLogbook by Weatherdock AG.

TripCon – WebReport (WEB)

Software option for the direct download of cruise information on a webpage. This option requires a working internet connection. This option implies a webpage-supply for one year.

TripCon – MFD-Control (MFD/C)

New Software option for adding the MFD features to existing TripCon installation

• View of the MFD screen, zoom available
• Insert of the MFD screenshot as picture of an log entry

• Full remote control of the MFD, Transmission of log entries from TripCon to MFD


On a free trial version is available for testing the product properties.


TriCon - Lite (kostenlos)

  • trial version with trial database for program tests but without the option to save data
  • manual capturing of all parameters
  • comfortable data interpretation as paper report or via Google Earth™
  • capturing of image, audio and weather information
  • temporally limited testing of GPS and board system connections
  • View of the MFD screen (if available), zoom available
By buying license keys you can upgrade this trial version up to the full product with all optional functions at any time.