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This trial version of TripCon shows to you all features of the full product.

TripCon-Lite installs a trial data base. It should help you to acquaint yourself to the program. Out of the created legs you can produce a report including the Google Earth display.

But the interesting part starts with using GPS or board instrument information instead of manual entries, connecting a camera or viewing supplied weather information in the logbook. 

Test these features – in limited extent they can be activated with TripCon-Lite!

You can upgrade TripCon-Lite to TripCon 5.0, the new beginner version, whenever you want. Moreover, various optional products can be added – a reinstallation isn’t necessary.

Have fun using TripCon!

Submitted By:
Stefan Berg (s.berg)
Submitted On:
16 Nov 2015
Submitted On:
16 Nov 2015


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